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  • Welcome to Plano Trucker. A full service trucking company in Plano, Texas.
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Plano Trucker


Plano Trucker MiniLogolano Trucker is committed to maintaining a partnership with the community and sharing economic benefits with the individuals with whom we live and work.

As transportation professionals, we have the priority of putting safety first and complying with state and federal regulations.

We are dedicated to maintaining working conditions founded on mutual trust and respect through the advancement of open communication at all levels within the Company.

  • At Plano Trucker, we will always look for ways to help you transport your material in a most cost effective way.
  • Safety and Security are always top of mind at Plano Trucker.   We clearly instill safety as a top concern and always an appropriate personal choice.
  • We always keep our customers informed and involved with the details associated with their shipments. We know you too have responsibilities that you can only perform when Plano Trucker keeps you informed in a timely manner.
  • Our goal is to understand your shipping needs and apply a solution that is good for you and your end customer. We actively look for ways to drive down cost while adding value and great customer service.
  • We are looking to create a sustainable transportation solution for your company that can drive a competitive advantage for your organization. We will always look for way to help you transport your material in a most cost effective way.


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